Vintage Music: And I Love Her By The Beatles

One day one of my best friends bought me a CD of the Best of the Beatles. I thought it to be quite odd, since I never really listened to very much of the Beatles during that time. I did not have one record by them, but somehow the music was and still is very much apart of me. It is that type of music you may never own, but know all the words too whenever it’s played on the radio, or you just suddenly start humming a verse out of the blue for no reason at all. It is amazing how much The Beatles’s are apart of the fabric of our deep subconsciousness, whether we want it to be or not. Lately, I have been revisiting that CD and exploring every aspect of it, as I do with jazz. It brings me back to memories of my childhood, but mostly my dad who loved to listen to Latin Bolero’s in NYC on the radio, but whenever we drove down south we’d lose the Spanish station. As a result, we listen to this type of American music. Forever in my heart and soul! Rip to my dad and the rest!

Thanks to youtube’s Pricillajens for this wonderful clip of the Beatles’s song “And I Love Her” played to some wonderful photos of some of the greatest leading lady actresses of Hollywood from the vintage era! Loved this!

Here is her wonderful write up:

“Montage of some of Hollywood’s superstars and most beautiful actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Ann Margret, Leslie Caron, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall. Song Info: AND I LOVE HER was written by: Paul McCartney (65%), John Lennon (35%) (credited as Lennon-McCartney) Recorded: February 25-27, 1964 (Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios, London, England) Mixed: March 3, 1964; June 22, 1964 Length: 2:28 Takes: 21 Musicians: John Lennon: acoustic rhythm guitar (Gibson J160E) Paul McCartney: lead vocals (double-tracked), bass guitar (1961 Hofner 500/1) George Harrison: lead acoustic guitar (1950 Jose Ramirez classical), claves Ringo Starr: bongos”


“It’s a New Day, It’s a new Life and I am Feeling Good”

Forgive me, it’s been a while since I posted anything for Leaf and Bark, but boy did I miss it!  Your posting and views throughout a difficult chapter in my life kept me inspired to continue this page. While, simultaneously, writing for like-minded people passionate about the things I love, I am so honored to write amongst some of the best writers with passions of every kind. I have learned a lot from many of you.

A struggle with a two-year illness, compounded with the sadness of my mate’s mother suddenly hit with dementia, in addition to, a niece receiving her first kidney implant at 29 gone wrong, lead to an emotional roller-coaster for the family. With the weight of sadness, mostly on my mate, you never know how strong you are, until you have to be, not only to take care of yourself but be strong for others who love and depend on you. With a heavy heart, Leaf and Bark had to be placed on pause until further notice.

Every day, my mantra was  “This too shall soon pass,” and it did, but not as quickly as I had hope. Now fully recovered, with the Leaf and Bark Vintage Shop closed, I had a lot of time to ponder about my strengths vs. weaknesses, my best takeaways and next steps still unknown btw, but bare with me through this journey, I am still full of ideas.

One thing that will remain constant is my passion for writing, researching just about anything, history, and music and more. Being ill was a bummer, but it was also kind of a blessing. For one, it forced me to research food to buy, cook and eat healthy at affordable prices! I mean have you seen the prices and non-GMO and organic foods? After burning the pots and pans, I developed a passion for cooking Asian and Indian foods! Secondly, learning the art of being present in my role as mom supporting my teen with his grades and sports, prepared him for his next steps to high school. Finally, he is more confident, independent and focused than ever! Lastly, being face-to-face with the heartbreaks of dementia and kidney failure made me fight like hell for my own wellness. It’s made me more humble in caring for my own parent, totally independent, yet still aging. There are blessings and opportunities in everything!

One of my best friends used to tell me in my 20’s, I died in a car crash in the 50’s, because I remember almost all the songs of the 50’s. I think he is right!  I have always been a young person with an old soul. I will forever remain young at heart, yet still a Retromama! Without futher Adieu, I will leave with Nina Simone’s – Felling Good video credit#SambadaTed

Mad For Jazz: Take Five by Dave Brubeck Original Released 1958

It’s a rainy day today in this part of the world and nothing is better than the sounds of Take Five by Dave Brubeck the master of cool jazz. Credit to for this video. My mother was a classical pianist that played jazz standards and show tunes. I would say I knew more about Hammerstein and Beethoven, before jazz. My introduction to listening to real jazz did not arrive until my late 20s, when I dated a musician who was a teacher by day and competitive jazz and blues musician at night. Through him, I learned how to listen to jazz, every instrument, every rhythm, every beat and improvisation. It was a wonderful learning experience that grew to deeper levels overtime through exploration of the music. I will never forget how this brilliant musician, with a PHD in music and a masters in education, played at least 5 nights a week, but still could not make a record deal, yet continued doing what he loved. Such is the life of jazz and classical musicians everywhere, you have to be extremely brilliant, gifted or just darn lucky!

Dave Brubeck was born in December 6, 1920 and was the son of a classical pianist mom and a rancher dad in Concord, California. Although, his mom studied with a great British classical pianist, it seems she did not get to enjoy a classical pianist career and became a teacher as well. She taught Dave and two of his siblings piano, but Dave had no interest in becoming a musician. Brubeck worked with his father on the ranch and originally studied to be a veterinary when his professor told him to forget it, because his head was more in the conservatory than his veterinarian studies. Dave changed his major to music and it was not until he was up for graduation that his teacher realized he could not read music. He was allowed to graduate on the condition that he could never teach music. Brubeck was drafted into the Army and was the first to create an integrated band in the Arm Forces. He seemed to have had a tremendous respect for African-American jazz artist. He believed in the diversity of music so deeply that he cancelled events and TV shows on several occasions that refused to accept his integrated bands.

To write about the life and times of Dave Brubeck, will take quite some time and a number of pages. The man died in Connecticut in 2012! He was 91 years old with many accomplishments. What a wonderful full life! So, I will end with this, Take Five was a part of an extraordinary album called Time Out. His album covers featured the abstract art work of Joan Miro and Frank Kline and Sam Francis. It was also the first jazz album to sell over a million copies and that says a lot for a jazz musician who could not read music! Like I said, you have to brilliant, gifted or just darn lucky to get a record deal. Looks like Dave Brubeck had it all.

Mad For Jazz: Gimme A Pig Foot And A Bottle of Beer – Billie Holiday

Vintage Market: Georgy Girl by The Seekers

Were you a Georgy Girl? I thought I was. It was such a happy song to skip around to as a child. I never really paid any attention to the words. It is kinda of a sad song when you listen to the words, but I still love the happy sounds of the music by The Seekers! In those days I did not know it was a theme to a movie, so believe it or not, I have never seen this vintage movie, so now it is on my bucket list and I can’t wait!

Vintage Music: Downtown – Petula Clark

When I was a little girl living uptown this was one of my favorite theme songs, especially whenever we went to Times Square NYC. I still hear this song any time I go “Downtown”! Everyone has a “Downtown” right? So enjoy!

Vintage Cinema: Shirley Temple and Mr. Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson

In the spirit of Black History Month and Celebration of Life and Times of Shirley Temple Black, I am posting one of my most memorable episodes of Shirley Temple.


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