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“It’s a New Day, It’s a new Life and I am Feeling Good”

Forgive me, it’s been a while since I posted anything for Leaf and Bark, but boy did I miss it!  Your posting and views throughout a difficult chapter in my life kept me inspired to continue this page. While, simultaneously, writing for like-minded people passionate about the things I love, I am so honored to write amongst some of the best writers with passions of every kind. I have learned a lot from many of you.

A struggle with a two-year illness, compounded with the sadness of my mate’s mother suddenly hit with dementia, in addition to, a niece receiving her first kidney implant at 29 gone wrong, lead to an emotional roller-coaster for the family. With the weight of sadness, mostly on my mate, you never know how strong you are, until you have to be, not only to take care of yourself but be strong for others who love and depend on you. With a heavy heart, Leaf and Bark had to be placed on pause until further notice.

Every day, my mantra was  “This too shall soon pass,” and it did, but not as quickly as I had hope. Now fully recovered, with the Leaf and Bark Vintage Shop closed, I had a lot of time to ponder about my strengths vs. weaknesses, my best takeaways and next steps still unknown btw, but bare with me through this journey, I am still full of ideas.

One thing that will remain constant is my passion for writing, researching just about anything, history, and music and more. Being ill was a bummer, but it was also kind of a blessing. For one, it forced me to research food to buy, cook and eat healthy at affordable prices! I mean have you seen the prices and non-GMO and organic foods? After burning the pots and pans, I developed a passion for cooking Asian and Indian foods! Secondly, learning the art of being present in my role as mom supporting my teen with his grades and sports, prepared him for his next steps to high school. Finally, he is more confident, independent and focused than ever! Lastly, being face-to-face with the heartbreaks of dementia and kidney failure made me fight like hell for my own wellness. It’s made me more humble in caring for my own parent, totally independent, yet still aging. There are blessings and opportunities in everything!

One of my best friends used to tell me in my 20’s, I died in a car crash in the 50’s, because I remember almost all the songs of the 50’s. I think he is right!  I have always been a young person with an old soul. I will forever remain young at heart, yet still a Retromama! Without futher Adieu, I will leave with Nina Simone’s – Felling Good video credit#SambadaTed


Happy New Year

Well,I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and wish you all a Happy New Year! As usual we all have plans and new strategies for the New Year and ours was to close the shop for the winter and continue with our on-line website, while traveling to various vintage markets. We are excited! Snowbirds are heading for warmer climates and since tourist season is not until July, it seems like a great time for a few road trips! It has been a blast, because we love what we do and when you love what you do, you just continue to find better ways to do it. Simple!

Needless to say, life happens when you are not planning, or in the mist of tweeking the plans in our case! Let’s just take a look at what was not planned. A month before Christmas I dropped the nook and the glass cracked, but thank god it still works, otherwise I would have nothing to update this blog, but a cell! Why? Right before the New Year my laptop went into a coma with a blue screen that stays on constant re-boot, while the Mac went out of commission months ago due to a fried cord and dead battery and now the printer is kaput! A sure sign of wear and tear, but really wow! Never did we planned for everything to die in 60 days in this order! Is that it for electronics?! 4 years life span and done?

GOODBYE 2013, YOU COST US TOO MUCH FOR THE START OF 2014, but as the song goes “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now We’re On The Move!”, so stay tune for the perils of Leaf and Bark! Lol!

In The Wee Wee Hours Of The Morning

20131003-101058.jpg It’s two in the morning and I have insomnia, so I thought I just get to the back room and start that cleaning project I have been putting off! Ugh! Reorganizing is good for the soul listening to Ella’s “In The Wee Wee Hour of The Morning”

Getting Creative


Well, here is a quick fix! Just upgraded the ugly fluorescent lights with leaf and bark theme panels. What do you think?

Christmas In the Village

The Village of Lakewood, NY will be holding the annual ‘Christmas In The Village’ event on Dec 1, 2012.

Around and About

Hanging out at Ryder’s Cup Coffee updating my systems today preparing for the on-line store. Well, one Marco Polo bagel with butter, a Cafe Mocha with whip  ( I should not have had), a Veggie Quiche ( Yummy!) and loads of tea later, I am finally done with two systems and two more to go. Yeah!

Hello world!

Trying to get a little wordpress going here, so bare with me. This blog is all about the journey, not the destination!  The constant evolution of the human spirit in its quest for inner peace when all the world seems to be going mad! Here I hope to find within my blog  world a few minutes of sanity with a good cup of tea! So as they say in show business “Don’t go away, we’ll be right back!”


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