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Mad For Jazz: Take Five by Dave Brubeck Original Released 1958

It’s a rainy day today in this part of the world and nothing is better than the sounds of Take Five by Dave Brubeck the master of cool jazz. Credit to for this video. My mother was a classical pianist that played jazz standards and show tunes. I would say I knew more about Hammerstein and Beethoven, before jazz. My introduction to listening to real jazz did not arrive until my late 20s, when I dated a musician who was a teacher by day and competitive jazz and blues musician at night. Through him, I learned how to listen to jazz, every instrument, every rhythm, every beat and improvisation. It was a wonderful learning experience that grew to deeper levels overtime through exploration of the music. I will never forget how this brilliant musician, with a PHD in music and a masters in education, played at least 5 nights a week, but still could not make a record deal, yet continued doing what he loved. Such is the life of jazz and classical musicians everywhere, you have to be extremely brilliant, gifted or just darn lucky!

Dave Brubeck was born in December 6, 1920 and was the son of a classical pianist mom and a rancher dad in Concord, California. Although, his mom studied with a great British classical pianist, it seems she did not get to enjoy a classical pianist career and became a teacher as well. She taught Dave and two of his siblings piano, but Dave had no interest in becoming a musician. Brubeck worked with his father on the ranch and originally studied to be a veterinary when his professor told him to forget it, because his head was more in the conservatory than his veterinarian studies. Dave changed his major to music and it was not until he was up for graduation that his teacher realized he could not read music. He was allowed to graduate on the condition that he could never teach music. Brubeck was drafted into the Army and was the first to create an integrated band in the Arm Forces. He seemed to have had a tremendous respect for African-American jazz artist. He believed in the diversity of music so deeply that he cancelled events and TV shows on several occasions that refused to accept his integrated bands.

To write about the life and times of Dave Brubeck, will take quite some time and a number of pages. The man died in Connecticut in 2012! He was 91 years old with many accomplishments. What a wonderful full life! So, I will end with this, Take Five was a part of an extraordinary album called Time Out. His album covers featured the abstract art work of Joan Miro and Frank Kline and Sam Francis. It was also the first jazz album to sell over a million copies and that says a lot for a jazz musician who could not read music! Like I said, you have to brilliant, gifted or just darn lucky to get a record deal. Looks like Dave Brubeck had it all.


Vintage Music: Winter Wonderland By Doris Day

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Doris Day was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on April 3, 1924. She was an American film and television actress, singer, and animal rights activist. I remember her most as a child from the film “Pajama Game” and the scene in the film “Henando’s Hideaway”. I am a die hard fan of Ella Fitzgerald, but I must say that Doris Day’s version of “Fly Me To the Moon” is most dreamy.

Vintage Music: Pretty Blue Eyes 1959

This is for you Country Mouse!

The Vintage Man Cave

Man Cave by

Man Cave by

Just as women love a little place of their own full of delicate things with beautiful smells, men love their caves full of old world and rustic charm.  Here are just a few ideas.

1) An Antique Black and Gold Mantel Clock circa 1900s

2) A Universal #2 Metal meat grinder, with three changeable grinders that were and can still be used for meats or other food stuff. Circa 1950

3) An Italian Leather covered whiskey bottle with a lion’s crest. Circa 1950s.  Decorative only.

4) A handmade tin knight that stands about 5 foot.  Date is unknown, but it is an awesome unique conversational piece perfect for a the vintage man cave.

City Mouse: Past From One Old Soul To Another and The Next Generation

For whatever reason, I have always been an old soul. One good friend of mine believed, I must have died in a car crash during the fifties, because I used to sing a lot of 50’s music and knew all the words. Vintage clothing and Punk Rock was the rage of the 70’s through 80’s and Greenwich Village, NYC was the hang out.  At work, I always dressed to kill in Betty Davis and Joan Crawford pencil skirts with padded shoulder jackets. I had a pair of vintage pointy, blue suede shoes with a metal heel that could have served as a weapon of mass destruction! LOL!   Those beautiful, well-made clothes and sexy shoes all came from the “Thrift Shop down the road” in the 70’s. However, some of the beautiful things I bought are just a hard find these days. When you find them, they are either to darn small or terribly worn out.  Curators today spend a lot time and money just to bring you the best in vintage, so understandably time and rarity of items plays a big factor in price. Curators of vintage shops, often times do not accept donations and are in search of items that compliment their style or theme, because that is their brand. Their mission is to bring to life and memories through historical pieces by  finding them new homes and collectors of their style.  Each piece has a story, a place, a time, a history, a political climate, of which many curators emerge themselves and love to share with anyone who will listen.

I guess I have my parents to thank for my musical taste and over all vintage appreciation. I got my first Retro, Atomic, Turquoise  Blue,  Black and White Picture TV in the 70’s and I was the coolest girl on the block, at least I thought so!   My dad drove a metallic purple Thunderbird and listened to two stations Boleros and Cousin Brucie.   For those of you who don’t know, Cousin Brucie was a radio station in the NYC area during the 60’s that played all the great songs of the past 50’s, 60′ and 70’s as the years went by.   It was the kind of music that made your heart stop the minute you heard a  few bars.  Omg, did he have one awesome collection of music and stayed on the radio for a very long time. My mom and I, on the sound of great song, would start twisting away in the kitchen and we still do that today. LOL!  Sometimes my ten-year old, who has in the meanwhile developed a great appreciation for our music gets in the mix.

Good music today is a hard find, because I just love the sound of real instruments and lyrics that leaves room for the imagination. However, with a ten-year old, I have to force myself to be open to the new music,  Every now and then my son feels the need to school me on the new stuff and has in fact  introduced me to some  great new tunes and sounds. Sometimes the words are just too much for me, but I try to concentrate on the message. Like the latest one ” Thrift Shop” .  At first I was a bit offended by the lyrics, especially in the beginning, but I think it is interesting how the younger generation is singing about being  thrifty and buying from thrift shops, so what are your thoughts?  Are younger people becomming more thrifty in this economic climate or is this just a fad?, check this out!

Little Richard

I always wondered why they called a grown man Little Richard. Check this youtube video out and watch his hands.  Amazing!

Vintage Drama – Continental Kilns Circa 1944 – 1953

Continental Kilns Child Plate and Mug Set in Vintage Pink

Continental Kilns Child Plate and Mug Set in Vintage Pink

Today’s find is a children’s fine china set by Continental Kilns. Continental Kilns was established in Chester, West Virginia, USA and operated from 1944-1953. This pretty pink design illustrates a pink poodle and flower on an ivory mug and a pink baby duck on an ivory plate surrounded by a scalloped pink edge design. One cannot not help but see visions of poodle skirts and bobby socks of the 50’s. It is an adorable collectors set, which has no cracks, crazing or chips. It’s just lovely!


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