Well,I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and wish you all a Happy New Year! As usual we all have plans and new strategies for the New Year and ours was to close the shop for the winter and continue with our on-line website, while traveling to various vintage markets. We are excited! Snowbirds are heading for warmer climates and since tourist season is not until July, it seems like a great time for a few road trips! It has been a blast, because we love what we do and when you love what you do, you just continue to find better ways to do it. Simple!

Needless to say, life happens when you are not planning, or in the mist of tweeking the plans in our case! Let’s just take a look at what was not planned. A month before Christmas I dropped the nook and the glass cracked, but thank god it still works, otherwise I would have nothing to update this blog, but a cell! Why? Right before the New Year my laptop went into a coma with a blue screen that stays on constant re-boot, while the Mac went out of commission months ago due to a fried cord and dead battery and now the printer is kaput! A sure sign of wear and tear, but really wow! Never did we planned for everything to die in 60 days in this order! Is that it for electronics?! 4 years life span and done?

GOODBYE 2013, YOU COST US TOO MUCH FOR THE START OF 2014, but as the song goes “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now We’re On The Move!”, so stay tune for the perils of Leaf and Bark! Lol!