This Holiday Season we decided to hold a marathon of Christmas classic movies for the month of December to bring in the holiday cheer. Thanks to, we were able to line up a few recent holiday films with a few classics for a viewing every night. After my son’s favorite Polar Express movie, we stumbled upon the 1989 classic Christmas Vacation movie with Chevy Chase, which is so fitting for this site, because it just made the vintage cinema mark ending in 1990. It has been a long time since I watched this one and oh boy did I forget how hysterical it used to be back in the day. I did not expect my son to really enjoy it as much as the new stuff kids are used to seeing today. However, to my surprise, he could not stop dying from laughter. Christmas Vacation has now been added to his collection of Holiday movies; along with his collection of Abbott and Costello introduced to him when he was 5 and still watches. Yeah!

You see, there are some things in the past that will never die and can help us connect with the younger generation of today, so don’t be afraid to share your past treasure films. You will be surprised how interesting your child or grandchild might find them. Those special things and moments will always be your special bond with them, for they will always remind them of you. Years from now, they will be sharing those same classic movies with their little ones and telling them the story of how you introduce these wonderful things to them. That’s how we stay alive in the minds of our love ones and keep historical treasures alive forever, so go fourth and make wonderful memories.