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Vegetable lasagna

Isn’t it weird when your boyfriend wakes up one morning and the first thing he says to you is “baby, tonight I wanna cook Lasagna”.  YOU want to cook, huh? Funny.  Like if he didn’t know I’d be the one doing most of the cooking… He has a lot of abilities but cooking is definitely not one of them. He’s a fantastic assistant though – washes up dishes and chops onions like if it was his job! Anyways, I was sold on the idea and decided to give vegetable lasagna a second chance (I tried for the first time a year ago and it was a complete failure).

I will be honest with you, it wasn’t a quick recipe to make – it took us about 2 hours. I guess the reasons were my lack of expertise with this recipe and my obsession for taking nice pictures of each step. The…

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