Well, we have tons of nature pictures to post, but just have not been able to sort them all out. We thought this would be a great one to honor in the Fall season. Who can help not fall in love with the Fall? That crisp cool air, the bluest skies all painted with autumn hues.  Just thinking about all the festivities it has to offer, gets me excited, like apple and pumpkin picking, cooking up a hearty pumpkin or butternut squash soup along with baking pumpkin and apples pies and who can resist pumpkin lattes and hot apple cider?

This photo was taken in Western New York, which has one of the largest trails systems I have ever seen in New York State! In winter, they become snow-mobile highways, whenever there is tons of snow!  Global warming has changed things up a bit, to the point; I think I have seen more snow in New York City than Western, NY.  I am not complaining, it just puts a damper on Western, New York’s tourism, which has so much to offer.  They say this year is going to be a harsh winter, so we are bracing ourselves, but we are also looking forward to frolicking in the snow and doing all the great outdoor activities unique to  Western, New York. As a native New York City dweller for many years, I have travel around the world only to find the most beautiful places are in my own state. If you are not familiar with New York State, one of the best sites to get to know New York State is www.iloveny.com – City Mouse