For whatever reason, I have always been an old soul. One good friend of mine believed, I must have died in a car crash during the fifties, because I used to sing a lot of 50’s music and knew all the words. Vintage clothing and Punk Rock was the rage of the 70’s through 80’s and Greenwich Village, NYC was the hang out.  At work, I always dressed to kill in Betty Davis and Joan Crawford pencil skirts with padded shoulder jackets. I had a pair of vintage pointy, blue suede shoes with a metal heel that could have served as a weapon of mass destruction! LOL!   Those beautiful, well-made clothes and sexy shoes all came from the “Thrift Shop down the road” in the 70’s. However, some of the beautiful things I bought are just a hard find these days. When you find them, they are either to darn small or terribly worn out.  Curators today spend a lot time and money just to bring you the best in vintage, so understandably time and rarity of items plays a big factor in price. Curators of vintage shops, often times do not accept donations and are in search of items that compliment their style or theme, because that is their brand. Their mission is to bring to life and memories through historical pieces by  finding them new homes and collectors of their style.  Each piece has a story, a place, a time, a history, a political climate, of which many curators emerge themselves and love to share with anyone who will listen.

I guess I have my parents to thank for my musical taste and over all vintage appreciation. I got my first Retro, Atomic, Turquoise  Blue,  Black and White Picture TV in the 70’s and I was the coolest girl on the block, at least I thought so!   My dad drove a metallic purple Thunderbird and listened to two stations Boleros and Cousin Brucie.   For those of you who don’t know, Cousin Brucie was a radio station in the NYC area during the 60’s that played all the great songs of the past 50’s, 60′ and 70’s as the years went by.   It was the kind of music that made your heart stop the minute you heard a  few bars.  Omg, did he have one awesome collection of music and stayed on the radio for a very long time. My mom and I, on the sound of great song, would start twisting away in the kitchen and we still do that today. LOL!  Sometimes my ten-year old, who has in the meanwhile developed a great appreciation for our music gets in the mix.

Good music today is a hard find, because I just love the sound of real instruments and lyrics that leaves room for the imagination. However, with a ten-year old, I have to force myself to be open to the new music,  Every now and then my son feels the need to school me on the new stuff and has in fact  introduced me to some  great new tunes and sounds. Sometimes the words are just too much for me, but I try to concentrate on the message. Like the latest one ” Thrift Shop” .  At first I was a bit offended by the lyrics, especially in the beginning, but I think it is interesting how the younger generation is singing about being  thrifty and buying from thrift shops, so what are your thoughts?  Are younger people becomming more thrifty in this economic climate or is this just a fad?, check this out!