DSCN1457     Have you seen the upscale cane barrel chairs these days? If done right, they can be absolutely stunning! We picked up these two at an estate sale and had high hopes to re-upholster them, but somehow the natural tones grew on us. They were in such mint condition that, we agreed to just leave the fun to someone else. We have a lot of pieces we just leave in it’s natural state for others to appreciate and imagine in another form, so we place these in the Shabby Chic area.

     As spring arrives, so does the idea of spring cleaning, so needed! Thus, at the start of April, we began laying stuff out for artist  and other project junkies.  We also decided to re-do our window with the cane barrel chairs in a mid-century theme.  Wella!  They did not last a week! Sometimes it just pays to just change the point of view!