Stumbled upon this video and just had to repost. Love, Love, Love all the vintage clothing. Finally rap music with no pants hanging off the behinds! LOL!

One Question Music


Have you ever thought the following? “Biggie has great flow, but he’s rapping about blunts n’ broads when I’d rather hear about pipe-smoking and cricket.” If so, this one’s for you.

Mr.B is a practitioner in the art of Chap-Hop, which is basically upper-class Hip-Hop. Not “I went to a Private School and my life is like Skins” upper class, I mean genuine gentleman class.

Some of his material is funny, but even once you’ve heard the jokes the songs are often good enough to stand on their own. While he has had a career’s worth of great rhyming couplets, my personal favourite is this one:

I am an Englishman, of that I’m proud,

but when I met the Queen it was she who bowed.

Oh, and that was all while parodying Kiss’s ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’. Lush.

What would you do if The Queen served you Tesco Everyday Value tea…

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