Leaf and Bark was inspired by nature and a quest to preserve it. Our many trail walks and tea drinking rituals often sparked many discussions about how to create a business addressing the concerns of sustainability and conservation. Being a coastal baby, I cannot help be deeply concerned about the levels of pollution in our oceans, rivers and streams.  The abusive practices of mass production and consumption through the economy of scale has created decades of ridiculous hoarding and senseless discarded items marked for trash and dumpsters. These items not only pollute our environment and scenery, but find their way into our water supply. Do you know the average human will die in a matter of 3 days without water? Today’s wars surround oil and energy, but tomorrows wars will be over something as basic as water, if we do not change our practices to preserve and conserve today.  I cannot think of a better way to promote sustainability through preserving, re-purposing and re-cycling treasures from the past. Stay tune for updates on our treasure hunts and awesome finds!